• Tomorrow’s leaders

    Esther, Marvin, Pedro and Sara are four young leaders committed to putting sustainable development into practice. As climate change activists, they are already working to mobilise their peers and make sure that young people’s concerns are represented in decision-making at the global level.

  • Esther Agbarakwe, 27, from Nigeria

    Esther AgbarakweKnown to her friends as 'Esther Climate', Esther Agbarakwe has been an activist since she was ten years old. Esther currently works with Population Action International in Washington DC as an Atlas Corps International Advocacy Fellow. Read her blog.

  • Marvin Nala, 23, from China

    Marvin NalaFrom litter-picking at school to promoting awareness of climate change issues among his peers, Marvin Nala is motivated by childhood memories of the natural beauty of the West Lake, near Shanghai. A member of the China Youth Climate Action Network, Marvin is currently working with the Adopt a Negotiator Project, tracking international efforts to address climate change. Read his blog.

  • Pedro Telles, 24, from Brazil

    Pedro TellesGrowing up hearing the oft-repeated phrase 'Brazil, land of the future', Pedro Telles soon realised that making this aspiration a reality would be the real challenge. He has been working with the Vitae Civilis Institute in São Paulo which aimed to mobilise civil society around the Rio+20 summit. Read his blog.

  • Sara Svensson, 27, from Sweden

    Sara SvenssonSince she found out at the age of five that she couldn't eat snow because it was polluted, Sara Svensson, now 27, has dedicated her life to environmental activism. She recently left her native Sweden to work with the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi. Read her blog.