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Typhoon Haiyan is a warning: we need to change the climate debate


Women's rights must not be taken for granted


Women and poverty: the hidden face of violence with social consent


Q&A: child marriage and the right to education


'Leave no girl behind'

“Child brides have no say in when or whom they marry. They usually drop out of school and miss out on the opportunities they need to thrive.”

Ahead of the International Day of the Girl Child, a new video from Girls Not Brides shows how child marriage holds girls back, and how we can work together to end it.


The world we want: an end to child marriage


Sentencing rapists to death won't tackle the root cause of sexual violence


Peace, power and patriarchy in Africa’s Great Lakes

“Women can no longer accept peace deals that reward the men who raped them with a position in the army. Impunity only leads to more sexual violence.” Gogo Kavira, eastern Congo

From community leaders and journalists to female army generals, women across Africa’s Great Lakes region are working together to build peace and hold their governments to account. Here they speak out on the struggle for equality, security and justice.