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Peace, power and patriarchy in Africa’s Great Lakes

“Women can no longer accept peace deals that reward the men who raped them with a position in the army. Impunity only leads to more sexual violence.” Gogo Kavira, eastern Congo

From community leaders and journalists to female army generals, women across Africa’s Great Lakes region are working together to build peace and hold their governments to account. Here they speak out on the struggle for equality, security and justice.


Women take ownership of Great Lakes peace efforts


Putting the Green Line back on the map

“There is an expiration date to the two-state solution. I hope we haven’t passed it yet” – Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset

As Europe discusses its trade relations with Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Israeli and Palestinian voices call for proper labelling of settlement products as a concrete step to revive hopes for peace in the region.

Guest blog

Northern Ireland: beyond sectarian politics


A chance to restore peace in DRC


A forum for peace


The Elders in Dublin


Sending a strong political signal


We must have the courage to defend our values