I understand the importance of talking about issues but what are the action plans each of us should do as of tonight? #EldersOxf
Use your voice and influence to push climate change higher up the political agenda - Kofi Annan #EldersOxf
As Great Lakes envoy I raised the importance of women being at the table, at the local level, resolving conflict - Mary Robinson #EldersOxf
'World order needed based on equality and freedom' great point but who decides these values and how do we measure them? #EldersOxf
We see impact of changing times, but there are unchanging values in each religion: peace, understanding, compassion –Jimmy Carter #EldersOxf
You can't solve the Syria crisis without a core group including the P5 and regional powers working to end the conflict #EldersOxf
Cultural understanding does not mean condoning practices that are harmful – Hina Jilani #EldersOxf
Q on cultural understanding: what is the role of mass media in promoting understanding – or in reinforcing prejudices? #EldersOxf
Q: How can we recognise our own cultural values and biases in order to have a more open, constructive dialogue with the 'other'? #EldersOxf
Need a strong sense of what is cultural and what is simply traditional when discussing universal rights #EldersOxf
Women bear the disproportionate burden in the aftermath of war, in protecting children and caring for the vulnerable - @KofiAnnan #EldersOxf
I'd like to think that countries like the PH are advocating environmental policies, they're just shoved down a lot. #ScPoElders
#ScPoElders Jimmy Carter: If we don't address global warming, we're going to see rapidly increasing conflict around the world.
#ScPoElders : How can we expect China to change its lifestyle to a more ecofriendly one, when it only thrives to become like the US?
Youth must actively participate in advocacy, national adaptation & mitigation actions, along with international negotiations #ScPoElders
Leaders should not underestimate the power and responsibility of young people to address the biggest challenge of our time. #ScPoElders
#ScPoElders If we have the technology, why we still burning fossil petrol for our vehicles? And without solar and electricity technologies
#ScPoElders Slavery once seen as only way to power civilisation. Now it's carbon. Find the abolition parallels - make it a moral imperative.
#ScPoElders There is plenty of renewable energy on the planet. Why do dirty utility companies monopolise the production of dirty energy?