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Empowering women: we are all change-makers

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The Elders are an inspiration ... but how to get billions of people to change to make the world a better place. I argue for metrics about quality of life and impact on planet not profit and GDP growth
Peter Burgess
New York NY / Bushkill PA
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This initiative has given me hope that finally the UN might become a more effective organisation for world harmony .. do we need a world wide petition to 'drive the 4 proposed initiatives home' ?
Denise OHara
Melbourne Australia
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This world needs new perspectives to endure freedom and peace throughout all countries. Showing respect to the opposite is the highest value of every individual.
Konrad Baresa
Grevenbroich / Germany
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(4) Co-Secretary Generals, a World UN Police Force stationed around the Earth, a "People's" UN Parliament elected by member states, and much longer, solutions-focused discussions @ the UNSC. Peace.
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The Elders and leaders of every spiritual tradition joining for an Earth Peace Conference will positively transform this generation, and children born seven generations in the future. The Great Peace.
Jerry Alatalo
Michigan / America
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Thank you for being the voice for so many who cannot speak and for thank you for speaking on behalf of those who are not always heard.
Sharleen Brest
South Africa
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"Never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will experience the oppression of one by another" Remember that, wherever you are.
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"nice" does not mean "weak". Together we ARE stronger. God bless.
David Hyner
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Who make things happen are entrepreneurs. Lets be and promote "Sustainable Entrepreneurship", with social, economic and environmental impact, and our success will be Sustainable Development @edisonmss
Edison Santos
Dominican Republic
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Peace lives in the smile that is genuine, peace lives in the moment that is kind, peace lives in the heart that is loving, how can you hate another? When you see them in yourself.
Susan Carew

We need to think differently about women

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In The Media

The Elders

Nelson Mandela

(1918-2013) Founder

Former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Laureate; a leader who dedicated his life to the anti-apartheid struggle, democracy and equality; founder of The Elders.

Martti Ahtisaari

Former President of Finland; Nobel Peace Laureate and expert in international peace mediation, diplomacy and post-conflict state building.

Kofi Annan

Chair of The Elders

Former UN Secretary-General, Nobel Peace Laureate and Chair of The Elders; put development, human rights, the rule of law, good governance and peace at the top of the United Nations agenda.

Ela Bhatt

The ‘gentle revolutionary’; a pioneer in women’s empowerment and grassroots development, founder of the more than 1 million-strong Self-Employed Women’s Association in India.

Lakhdar Brahimi

Former Algerian freedom fighter, Foreign Minister, conflict mediator and UN diplomat; an expert in peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction.

Gro Harlem Brundtland

Deputy Chair of The Elders

First woman Prime Minister of Norway and Deputy Chair of The Elders; a medical doctor who champions health as a human right; put sustainable development on the international agenda.

Fernando H Cardoso

Former President of Brazil; implemented major land reform programme, reduced poverty and significantly improved health and education; an acclaimed sociologist and global advocate for drug policy reform.

Jimmy Carter

Former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Laureate and veteran peace negotiator; dedicated to advancing peace, democracy and health worldwide.

Hina Jilani

Pioneering lawyer and pro-democracy campaigner; a leading activist in Pakistan's women's movement and international champion of human rights.

Graça Machel

International advocate for women’s and children's rights; former freedom fighter and first Education Minister of Mozambique.

Mary Robinson

First woman President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; a passionate, forceful advocate for gender equality, women’s participation in peace-building and human dignity.

Desmond Tutu

Honorary Elder

Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, Nobel Peace Laureate and Honorary Elder; a veteran anti-apartheid activist and peace campaigner widely regarded as ‘South Africa’s moral conscience’.

Ernesto Zedillo

Former President of Mexico who led profound democratic and social reforms; economist and advocate of multilateralism, inclusive globalisation, nuclear non-proliferation and drug policy reform.

The Elders are independent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity.

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