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What We Do

The world has changed markedly since Nelson Mandela founded The Elders in 2007. 

Discover how The Elders contribute to addressing some of the challenges of leadership, peace-building, inequality, exclusion and injustice in a rapidly-changing world. 


Gender Equality and Intergenerational Dialogue 

Equality for women and girls is a cornerstone of the Elders’ commitment to securing dignity and rights for all, informing our priorities across every aspect of our work. We also seek to empower young people and promote intergenerational dialogue across our initiatives.

As Kofi Annan said: “you are never too young to lead, and never too old to learn.” 

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Other work

Other programmes The Elders have worked on include...>

Child Marriage

Child marriage affects millions of girls worldwide. We brought together organisations working locally, nationally and internationally in a global partnership to end this harmful practice.


We worked towards reconciliation and peace in response to over three decades of conflict and division between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.


We seek to listen to young people and encourage youth leadership across every area of our work, from climate change to conflict resolution.

Equality for Girls & Women

All human beings are born with equal rights. Equality between men and women means healthier, safer and just societies. We work to promote and protect equal rights for women and girls.

Korean Peninsula

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains one of the most dangerous in the world. Building conditions for a durable peace, ending the terrible dangers posed by nuclear weapons, and improving the overall wellbeing of all the Korean people go hand-in-hand.

Sri Lanka

After Sri Lanka’s internal conflict, we supported the building of an inclusive, multi-ethnic state and pursuing accountability for violations committed during the war.

Sudan & South Sudan

We engaged on private diplomacy and advocacy to support peace in Sudan and South Sudan, in the face of serious governance, conflict and humanitarian challenges.

Walk Together

A year-long campaign to continue Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom, by building global empathy and supporting civil society on issues of peace, health, justice and equality.


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