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Solidarity #withSyria

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The Syria conflict has killed more than 140,000 people. As the crisis enters its fourth year, campaigners worldwide are mobilising public pressure to push for an end to the bloodshed.


This Saturday marks three years since the start of the Syria conflict, which has led to the worst humanitarian crisis of the century. Syrians are living under constant fear of bombardment, siege and extremism; and millions who have fled or remain trapped in their homes are facing severe deprivation.

Over 140,000 people are known to have died as a result of the conflict, the equivalent of 4,000 every month. Over 9 million people, almost half the Syrian population, are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Standing #withSyria

This third anniversary of the conflict is a chance to remind everyone that we must not give up on Syria, and to step up public pressure on world leaders to act.

#WithSyria is a campaign urging the world not to lose hope – the conflict can and must end. It calls on everyone across the globe to stand in solidarity with all those affected by this crisis, joining them in demanding urgent political action to end the violence and provide life-saving aid.


The campaign urges leaders and decision-makers to:

  • End the bloodshed;
  • Ensure humanitarian assistance for all those in need;
  • Commit to inclusive peace talks.

Vigils will be held in 30 countries around the world to shine a light of hope for the people of Syria. Find out more and learn how you can take part, either in person or online.

Show your support by tweeting using #withSyria.

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