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Statement of The Elders on Benazir Bhutto

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Desmond Tutu expresses The Elders' condolences to the family and followers of Benazir Bhutto, and to Pakistan, and calls for an international investigation into her assassination. 

My colleagues and I express our heartfelt sympathies to the family and followers of Benazir Bhutto, and to Pakistan, the country she loved. We await an international investigation into this shocking crime, which was an attack on us all. Ms. Bhutto's legacy is best honored by advancing the habits, processes and institutions of true democracy, including a vibrant civil society, an independent judiciary and a free media. With those rights come responsibilities - responsibilities that Ms Bhutto believed all Pakistanis would willingly assume. We share that conviction, for the answer to this loss is not a resort to violence or to oppression. If Pakistan were to collapse into conflict the enemies of peace and human rights will have been victorious. Her memory, and her country deserve better.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - On behalf of the Elders

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