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67 minutes to change the world

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67 minutes to change the world

The Elders join Nelson Mandela in encouraging people everywhere to mark Mandela Day – a day for personal, local action – by spending 67 minutes serving their communities.

The Elders – a group of eminent global leaders founded by Nelson Mandela - have joined the former President of South Africa in a special message of support for Nelson Mandela International Day.

In a new video message shot during The Elders' last visit to South Africa in June 2010 they urge people everywhere to give 67 minutes of their time to reach out to others in their communities.

Jimmy Carter  

Former US President Jimmy Carter says: “Nelson Mandela has given us a wonderful opportunity – and duty - to do something positive and active on Mandela Day.”

Mary Robinson  

“He gave 67 years of his life – now he's saying it's in our hands,” says former Irish President Mary Robinson. “It's not about him, he says, it's about us.”

Desmond Tutu  

Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls on all of us to “give only 67 minutes of your time, to change the world.”

Graca Machel  

Graça Machel, who is the wife of Mr Mandela and a respected advocate for the rights of women and children, says that “every action, big or small, will be a huge contribution to making our world more loving, caring and supportive.”

Gro Brundtland  

“We want to inspire the conviction that we all can make a difference,” says Gro Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway.

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