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Elders to Egyptian youth: "You are the future"

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“It took us 12 years to write a constitution. Don't underestimate what you have done.” Jimmy Carter Last week, to conclude their two-day visit to Cairo, the Elders took part in a televised discussion with young Egyptians on the momentous events that have changed their country – and their hopes and expectations for what comes next.


Half of Egypt’s population is under 25: this is the generation that led Egypt’s revolution, and will shape Egypt’s future. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson appeared with four young Egyptians before a studio audience to discuss the pressing issues facing the nation.

Moderated by TV host Yosri Fouda and broadcast live from the Cairo Opera House, the debate was an opportunity to listen to the aspirations of Egyptian youth and discuss how they can build on the momentum of last year’s uprising and take their rightful place at the heart of Egypt’s democratic transition.

The event was organised together with Young Arab Voices, a joint project of the Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council, which develops skills and opportunities for youth-led debate across the Arab region.

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