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The Elders urge commitment and patience to secure an effective Iranian nuclear agreement

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As leaders meet to broker a deal on Iran's nuclear programme, The Elders call on all political actors to give the negotiators the time and space to come to an agreement.

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The Elders believe that an agreement between Iran and the “P5+1” powers on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear programme is a realistic aspiration and could herald genuine and far-reaching improvements for peace and stability.

The Elders strongly encourage all parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement that ensures safety and security.

This requires commitment, patience and persistence," said Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders. “There is too much at stake to allow the process to fail.

At this sensitive time The Elders urge political actors on all sides to avoid any public statements that undermine the peace negotiations. Negotiations cannot advance if they face a constant barrage of criticism and second guessing; the negotiators should be given the time and space to complete their work before judgements are made.

The Elders hope all stakeholders will seize this historic opportunity to help stabilise the Middle East and usher in an era of security cooperation that transcends national rivalries and sectarian divisions.

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