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Juan Manuel Santos hails Spain, Ireland and Norway's recognition of Palestine

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Photo: The Elders / Tlhabi Monnakgotla
This morning, Spain, Ireland and Norway formally recognised the State of Palestine. Juan Manuel Santos, who as President of Colombia did the same in 2018, hails this landmark step and shares his thoughts on the path forward.

Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Colombia, said:

“Today’s announcement by Spain, Ireland and Norway that they are recognising the State of Palestine is a further step towards self-determination for the Palestinian people and a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The minority of UN member states, mostly in Europe and North America, who have not yet recognised the State of Palestine should do so too.  I was proud to announce Colombia’s recognition of Palestine in 2018. More countries have done so since. The trend is clear.

The Elders strongly condemned the horrendous terror attacks launched by Hamas on 7 October and we believe that Israeli security must be a priority in any long-term solution. Recognition of the State of Palestine does not imply in any way a lack of concern for Israeli security. It helps to restore a political horizon and address the imbalance between the conflict parties, which are in both Israel and Palestine’s long-term interests. To have real impact, it must be accompanied by irreversible steps to end Israeli occupation and realise a fully sovereign, unified Palestinian state that brings together Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  Only a political solution based on respect for international law, equal rights and mutual security for Israelis and Palestinians alike can ensure a lasting peace.”

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