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Universal Health Coverage

India urgently needs Universal Health Coverage

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<h3 class="post-title subpt">The Elders launch their report on Universal Health Coverage in India, calling on its leaders to increase political commitment and public financing to deliver #HealthForAll.</h3>

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<div class="quotetext">"With the necessary political will and public financing, India can make UHC a reality and ensure a better, healthier future for all Indian people."</div>

<p>India currently has around 600 million people without effective health coverage, the largest number worldwide, and 63 million people are living in poverty because of health costs.</p>

<p>The country is currently facing a “public health crisis” which risks impeding economic growth and makes it harder to achieve the wider Sustainable Development Goals.</p>

<p>The Elders’ report contains four key recommendations to achieve UHC, which means that everybody receives the health services they need without suffering financial hardship:</p>

<li>Increase public financing for health to 2.5% of GDP by 2021</li>
<li>Focus on reaching full population coverage and prioritising the needs of the poor and vulnerable</li>
<li>Focus additional resources on primary healthcare services including vital public health services</li>
<li>Guarantee universal access to free essential medicines and diagnostic services</li>

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<p><a href="… Executive Summary in Hindi</strong></a></p>

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