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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Focusing on increasing access to justice, The Elders join the annual global campaign to end violence against women and girls.

“2020 has been a harrowing year for humanity, the spectre of COVID-19 has loomed large. But there is a second pandemic that remains a largely hidden crisis, one that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus emergency: violence against women."

Photo: Luis Galvez/Unsplash

A shadow pandemic

As governments across the world have implemented various lockdown restrictions, violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, has escalated. 

Four areas of action

Discover how those at the frontlines can tackle gender-based violence:

  • A blog on the importance of funding legal empowerment; 
  • A photo essay on responding to GBV in refugee settings; 
  • The Elders on the responsibility of male leaders to champion GBV prevention
  • A blog the importance of survivor-centred data collection.

Photo: GCIS

During this ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’, The Elders call for a renewed social contract that prioritises access to justice and gender equality. We urge all leaders to address gender-based violence with renewed vigour.”

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