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What will be on the agenda for the next Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Livestreamed from Sciences Po’s Youth & Leaders Summit 2016 in Paris on Monday 18 January, Martti Ahtisaari and Lakhdar Brahimi speak on The Elders’ call for UN reform the serious challenges facing the next Secretary-General.


As UN-watchers, diplomats and politicians keenly scour over the candidates vying to be the next Secretary-General, two Elders will join Sciences-Po’s Youth & Leaders Summit 2016 in Paris on Monday 16 January to reflect on the challenges facing Ban Ki-Moon’s successor and to reassert The Elders call for modernisation of the UN.

At 08:45 (CET), Martti Ahtisaari will give a keynote address on the pressing reforms required of the United Nations and its Security Council to keep it effective and globally relevant.

At 14:45 (CET), Lakhdar Brahimi will join a panel with Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President of the International Crisis Group and other dignitaries to discuss whether terrorism will dominate the agenda of the world's next top diplomat

Watch the livestream and join the conversation on Twitter: #YLSummit

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