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Young voices on the frontlines of climate change

The Elders’ Intergenerational Climate Blog Series 2021 features youth climate activists from around the world sharing stories of courage, hope and resilience in taking climate action.

Launching on Earth Day 2021 and running until COP26, The Elders will be sharing the different ideas and experiences of young leaders in the climate movement as they write as guest bloggers championed by, and in solidarity with, the Elders.

This series highlights the value of intergenerational dialogue in dealing with existential threats that profoundly affect people of all generations. It is vital that young and diverse voices are meaningfully included when addressing shared global challenges. The sense of urgency around the issue of climate change must be maintained in the run-up to COP26 – a seminal moment in the global effort to tackle the climate emergency.


A message from Mary Robinson:


Photo: Jeff Moore/The Elders


“My message for young activists is: The Elders stand with you, and share your determined optimism that a better world is possible.

I hope these blogs will inspire more young people to get involved in climate action and to take leadership, and will inspire more older people to listen, learn and take urgent action on the climate crisis.”

Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders


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Last year, the intergenerational climate guest bloggers were: Theo Cullen Mouze, Ridhima Pandey, Vanessa Nakate, Howey Ou, Erin Fowler, Adegbile Deborah, Brianna Fruean, David Imbago Jácome, Litokne Kabua, Jamie Margolin, Omnia El Omrani, and Xiye Bastida.

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